The new server-solution with «HELIOS dt sync»

The new server-solution with «HELIOS dt sync»

With «HELIOS dt sync» you can sync all your data from a HELIOS-server to another HELIOS-server in the LAN/WAN. Of course you can use a fix installed server in a rack. But this is not allways a good idea.

Exeprience 1:

I have experience with storms, follow this Link:

I had to uninstall a whole Rack-Server without light or electronic-power. Only with Flashlights.

Exeprience 2:

I worked at the clients location. Then the chief came and told us to go out of this house, because there is a fire in the first floor. This is bad if you know, that you have a nice 24TB-server working in this company. So the fastest solution in 3 minutes was to uninstall the 48-slot-tape-library with all contained Tapes. I heard the «firetruck horn» when i put the system out…

So, that the reason, that i have allways one thought by the backups.

My solution is a movable «Sync-Server» based on HELIOS for any emergency. I can configure it with different modules, as needed.

More Informations:    SSE AG, CH-5274 Mettau