The goal is, that our robot brings roger a beer.

The goal is, that our robot brings roger a beer.

«Joey» is a humanoid robot on wheels.

On this swiss robot we present the computer-vision, activated by a speech-order of face-detected and authorised person. This short video presents the following technologies.

1. Face-Detection.

2. Face-Recognition.

3. Product-Recognition

4. Looking at. or walking. to a predifined toy.

5. ORB-Detection.

All the innovations are developed in our company – we use different open-source software-packages to handle this complex robot with multiple servos, digital camera, infrared-sensors, sonic-sensors and more.

1. Face-Detection.

That means, Joey sees different persons and detects them.

2. Face-Recognition.

The robot recognice peoples in front of him. In this case, Joy recognise Roger.

You can use this modul if the robot looks at your grandmother or other known people. This is also interresting for butler-services.

3. Product-Recognition.

Based on face recognition, the same technology allows Joey to detect products. For example a can of beer. Joy prefere a fine swiss-beer. The robot can learn all products you want – the handling to learn it, is very simple.

4. Looking at or walking to a predifined toy.

The robots knows a toy, and if he has detect it with his camera, the head of Joey is following this toy – even if you move it in front of Joey. The other possibility is, that the robot follows the toy, even you are in big apartment or company.

5. ORB-Detection

The ORB conzept generate pictures arround the robot and define green points due to the depth of focus. All these green points are used to generate a 3D Model, so the robot can mapping a area and lokalize itself. So he walk arround in the apartment, based on the ORB 3D-Modell.

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