The «HELIOS»-Solution in comparison to «DropBox» and others

The «HELIOS»-Solution in comparison to «DropBox» and others

Yes – i like HELIOS-products, but see my minds about it and check the differences to other solutions.

The goal is to distribute and synchronize data between different places and persons all over the world and at least different devices (Windows, Apple, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android) in a simple way!

«DropBox» in keywords:

+ Large spread

+ Low price to start with

+ Nice and simple userinterface

– High price if you have a big amount of users and capacity

– «DropBox»-Pricing

   – One Team with 50 User, 10TB Data, US$ 6420.-/year

     (pricebase 4.12.2012)

   – Ten teams with a total of 500 User, 100TB Data, US$ 64’200.-/year,

     support inclouded (pricebase 4.12.2012)

   – Total costs US$ 256’800.- in 4 years, support inclouded

+ More «DropBox»-Informations:

Pricing: Features: Security:

The «HELIOS»-Solution based on different modules, in some keywords:

+ Your data are stored in your own Company, Department, Office

+ Full access to your data and technology

+ Modular expansion for software and hardware

+ It grows with your ideas, you can implement more scripts/programs to

   bring more services to your partners

+ HELIOS has the only real crossplatform-solution worldwide with

   spothlight-search, also in the app.

+ The spotlight-search can be used for all files without manual handling

   of someone

+ Individual App, App-Icon available for every company who uses

   the «HELIOS-Solution»

+ Optional integration of Color-Management for

   perfectly matched Softproofs

– Android not supported at the moment

– This «SSE-HELIOS»-Pricing, show the very interesting price-situation

   – I need: stable server-solution, HELIOS-Software-Tools, Raid-Storage,

     Backup-Solution, Fast access to to the web and support for the

     whole uptime

   – Ten teams with a total of 500 User, 100TB Data, US$ 45’000.-/year

     (pricebase 4.12.2012)

   – Total costs for 500 Users, US$ 180’000.- in four years, support


   – Optional costs for 5000 Users, 100TB, US$ 199’999.- in four years,

     support included

My opinion:

«DropBox» is a nice product. But i like to have the access to my data in a direct way. I don’t like the put my data in a «cloud» – is it in Alaska, USA, Great Britain…. and how will i know, that only my defined files will be copied and nothing more?

I think, here in the close envoirement of the client, it is a good place to store the data on a HELIOS-Server.

More Informations:    SSE AG, CH-5274 Mettau